Our Capripet story

Capripet was born from one family's love for their pets, their island, and "la vera moda Caprese". A long family tradition of decorating churches and local festivals with handmade decorations and lighting displays has paved the way for today's handmade, luxury petwear that reflects our generations of artisanal experience.

Exploring the natural beauty of Capri's many pathways, rocky beaches, gardens, monuments, and hideaways is even more rewarding when shared with a furry friend. Dressed for day in colorful cottons, linens, and handmade sandals, it's only natural that we want our pets to reflect this casual elegance in coordinated collars, leashes, and harnesses. 

Relaxing afternoons of shopping for ceramics, fashion, jewelry, sandals, accessories, home goods, and art in Capri's exclusive boutiques with our adored pets in tow wouldn't be the same without them reflecting our personal style in trendy, handmade pieces that show our true "Capresità". 

At any time of day, la Piazzetta - the world famous "salotto del mondo" - is the heartbeat of the island. Perhaps you prefer to sit at your favorite bar and watch the incredible mix of locals, jet-setters, cultural icons, day-trippers, and stars of screen and runway. Or maybe you like to set the tone with your own Capri style. Either way, your pet's fashion makes an important statement too!

Anyone who loves Capri knows that the island is a state of mind. We bring it with us wherever we are in the world through our style, our love for "la dolce vita", and our memories of Capri. Wherever in the world you may find yourself, your furry friends can reflect your love of our island by becoming a Capripet today!